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ZJ Chinese Medical University Sports Department is the organ of the university that is responsible for the physical education and national defense education in the university. It is specifically in charge of the teaching and research of sports in the university, the teaching and training of military theories, the training and competition of sports teams and the promotion of various kinds of popular sports activities.

Currently the department has a staff composing of 20 people, of which there are two professors, three associate professors, then lecturers, three teaching assistants and two workers; the staff has taken on the task of teaching the compulsory PE courses for first and second-year undergraduate students and the first-year postgraduate students as well as the fitness sports course; the school has provided for the whole student body of the university five optional sports courses which are fitness sports, basketball, free combat, hip-hop and sports dancing; it also heads the teaching and training of military theories for the first-year undergraduate students. Enthusiastic about their jobs and jointly devoted to the reform and practice of the physical education, the staff of the department is now a team that is highly competent, devoted, innovatively-minded and cohesive.

The department contains a department office, the modern sports faculty office, traditional sports faculty office and military theory faculty office. Under the leadership of the university party committee and the supervisory principal, the department goes about the physical and military education with the aim at the education of health and integrity and performs continually teaching reforms that are in line with the general situation. The form of the sports classes has changed from the former independent regular class or special class to the current combination of the two, which focuses both on the characteristics of the course and on providing the students with the skills of sports, including the traditional shadowboxing, during the two-year sports education,which will benefit them for a lifetime. This education mode has become an important characteristic of the sports education of the university. Through practice and reform, the department is now offering two university-level high-quality courses which are traditional fitness sports and basketball and has opened well-targeted fitness sports classes for disabled or injured students to satisfy their needs.  

The sports department has always been stuck with the guiding idea of "health foremost". By fully wielding the function of school sports in the talent cultivation, it attempts to improve the physical quality of the students, enrich their extracurricular life, enliven the cultural atmosphere on campus and promote the overall physical and psychological development of the students. It has made important contribution to the spiritual and material development of the university.
The sports department is a youthful and active group. It is young not because of

its age and it is full of spunk not because it is young. Instead, it is because sports makes people young and gives them spunk. Sports makes people healthy and happy! So beside education and talent cultivation, a more important goal of ours is to give student health and happiness.

Sports Department
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