School of Stomatological Science

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Basic Information: in order to cope with the development of the field of stomatological medicine in China at the moment, our university established the stomatology specialty in September 2004 under the charge of the Second School of Clinical Medicine and developed it into the School of Stomatology in 2010. Up to now, the school has seen the graduation of two grades of students who enjoyed high employment rate and generally favorable opinion of the employers due to their good clinical competence and solid foundation of theories and knowledge.

Objective of Education: the school intends to cultivate high-level talents of stomatological medicine that are equipped with the knowledge of the fundamental medicine and clinical medicine theories, have good mastery of the basic theory of stomatology and the operational skills in clinical oral medicine, stomatological surgery, and oral restoration, etc., and are capable of working at medical or health institutions on the diagnosis, remediation and prevention of common and frequently-occurring stomatological diseases.

Infrastructure: the school has set up graduation practice bases in more than twenty hospitals in the province. It contains five faculty offices which are the oral restoration faculty office, the oral maxillofacial surgery faculty office, odontoplasty faculty office, oral medicine faculty office and stomatology foundation course faculty office. The stomatological experimental teaching center is of considerable scale, which covers an area of more than 400 square meters in total and contains a basic stomatological research laboratory, oral medicine and stomatological surgery laboratory, oral restoration technique laboratory, stomatology clinical training laboratory, and dental casing laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with nationally and internationally advanced teaching devices and have formed a specialized teaching center of stomatological theories and technologies by means of experiment.

Teaching Resources and Strength: the school currently has 13 full-time teachers and 80 part-time teachers. Some of the teachers are cultivated into core teachers or leaders in their specific research field. They are gradually becoming a team of good structure, with high qualification and full of initiative.

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